BMTC was selected to enter the Taiwan Start-Up Hub.

By Joseph Tsou

May. 14, 2019

Blue Magpie Technology Corporation (BMTC) has announced today that it was selected as one of fourteen start-ups to enter the Taiwan Start-Up Hub in order to fully utilize its potential to build its Global Syndicated Loan Platform (GSLP). From May 20th onwards, you will be able to find us here.


BMTC was incorporated in 2018, and in a short span of time has already secured advisory roles and projects from various financial institutions including the likes of Standard Chartered, as well as from the start-up community. With that in mind, the team has made a decision to pivot their current attention from being a pure advisory company to focus on improving the efficiency of current financial industries by creating a Global Syndicated Loan Platform (GSLP) using distributed ledger technology. The GSLP will enable financial institutions to reduce their costs by up to 65%-70% when issuing and acquiring syndicated loans as well as provide a trusted and transparent platform for institutions to offload such assets in a secondary market. The full audit trail, transfer of ownership and fractionalization are all made possible by the use of distributed ledger technology (DLT), a.k.a. Blockchain.

The BMTC team is comprised of experienced financial industry leaders from Citibank, UBS, and KPMG to name a few, and have been involved in the fintech industry since late 2016; with the combined experience of both industries and insights gained from their various advisory roles and projects from institutions, they have seen a gap in the current fintech industry where most companies are focused on the consumer market and ICO/IEO/STO with an emphasis on their token’s utilities, but NOT focused on the need of institutions and how to improve their current processes and procedure with the aid of innovative technology. BMTC believes that with proper corporate governance and the aid of our solid partnerships we can fill a niche market and gain a sizable market share as the first mover in this space to truly utilize the potential of DLT & Blockchain as an innovative technology, instead of just creating another token that has no real use case.


For more info, please feel free to visit, or contact us through any channel stated on the website.

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