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Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered is a leading international banking group, with more than 80,000 employees and a 150-year history in some of the world’s most dynamic markets. Their purpose is to drive commerce and prosperity through their unique diversity, and their heritage and values are expressed in their brand promise, Here for good.


NOTUS is a Free Trading Platform based on Blockchain, with operation powered by green energy. With our partner UPFARM who have already successfully launched an agricultural platform. NOTUS aims to bridge the gap between product providers and consumers by eliminating the transaction fees of current online trading, with the help of Solar Panels that generate a steady income for the platform to operate, the platform will look to disrupt the current e-commerce scene.


BIRC is an innovative and interactive reward ecosystem that combines local shops, O2O and blockchain.

BIRC comes from the abbreviation of “Business Interactive Reward Coin”. The nature of BIRC will be based on interactions between consumers and shops, then a brand new mining system of cryptocurrency will be developed. It will be the first “cross-industry”, “O2O integration”, “crossnational boarder” cryptocurrency application of new form in the global market.


Professional knowledge must be passed on by an expert who specializes through an open and fair platform. Ansforce hopes to create a professional community platform that allows experts to develop their professional image on the platform and provide a pipeline to meet the needs of the industry, so that everyone’s expertise can be seen by the demanders.

More to come...

Listed Japanese Company – Global scale raising USD100M

Listed HK Company – Global scale raising USD50M

To-Be-Listed TW Company – Global scale raising USD80M

Private Japanese Company – Global scale raising USD55M


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